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Moonlight Owl Candle

David Head Bust

David Head Bust

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Transform your living space with our exquisite handcrafted decorative candles, meticulously crafted with love and sustainability in mind. These eco-friendly creations go beyond mere candles; they are works of art that enhance your home decor.

Key Features:

Decorative Elegance: Elevate your interior design with candles that are not just functional but also serve as stunning decorative pieces.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each candle is a testament to the art of hand-pouring, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that infuses character into any room.

Vegetable Blend Wax: Enjoy clean and even-burning candles made from 100% natural vegetable blend wax, ensuring a gentle and eco-conscious ambiance.

Eco-Conscious Packaging: We share your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Our candles are thoughtfully packaged in eco-friendly materials, a reflection of our dedication to a greener planet.

Please note that since our candles are hand-poured, each one is unique, and slight imperfections and color variations are part of their artisanal charm. These candles not only illuminate your space but also add aesthetic value and captivating charm to any environment they grace.

**  Please allow 3-5 extra days for scented decorative candles.  **

Care Information

While our decorative candles are primarily ornamental, if you decide to light them, please follow these guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience:

Safe Burning: Place the candle on a heatproof dish or tray, ensuring it sits on a level surface. Keep it well away from any flammable objects, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Wax Management: As these candles do not have containers, they may melt more quickly, and wax could potentially pour onto furniture or surfaces. Take care to prevent any unintended spills.

Protect from Heat and Light: To preserve the candle's shape and color, be sure to keep it away from sources of heat and direct sunlight. This will help maintain its aesthetic appeal over time.

Enjoy the decorative and functional aspects of our candles while keeping safety and care in mind for a delightful experience.

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